BCPi Online Business Continuity Planning

Enterprise Recovery Planning

Combining 20 years of Business Continuity Planning in large financial organisations, with 20 years of building Enterprise Scale web software solutions, BCPi provides unrivaled practical planning without all the confusion of features you just don't need. Built for office based computers and free to roam mobile devices.

Invocation Manager

Invocation Manager is there when you need it. When it comes to putting all your plans into practice, you can let BCPi coordinate and monitor the progress of your invocation or test according to the plan. People are alerted and reminded of actions they need to do and places they need to be.

Dry Run Scenarios

So that everyone is ready for a test, or the real thing, the Dry Run feature runs though variety of recovery scenarios, and plays out the events in real time. People participating respond as they would in a real invocation. As the scenario is played out, the participants get more information and get constant feedback on their progress.

Living Plan

Don't get caught up in laborious infrequent reviews. BCPi runs at the heart of your organisation and reminds people what they need to do next. At any point real-time information is available to keep people informed of company wide events, departmental dry runs, and actions awaiting the individuals attention.

BCPi - a modern practical outlook on Business Continuity Planning